As Boy actor James Rolleston drifted in and out of consciousness after a crash which almost cost him his life, heartfelt words of love and encouragement from the other teen injured in the accident urged him to "pump through it" and "keep being a stubborn hua".

Rolleston and his friend Kaleb Maxwell - both aged 19 - were badly injured when the car they were travelling in crashed into a bridge on the outskirts of Opotiki late last month.

Rolleston was airlifted to Waikato Hospital's intensive care unit, where he was placed in an induced coma.

Maxwell, a promising rugby player, suffered multiple injuries, including fractures in his spine, bruised lungs and lacerations in his kidney. He has been discharged from hospital.


A month on from the crash, Rolleston is now out of his induced coma.

In a letter provided to the Weekend Herald by Maxwell's mother, Erica Maxwell, Rolleston was told by his schoolboy friend and former sporting teammate to battle as hard as he could - and was reminded of his acting dreams and lifelong friendships not to give up on his dreams.

The letter was written as Maxwell was in another hospital recovering, and read out in the week after the crash.

"Being in here has made me appreciate life way more and I've also though about all the time we've spent together," he wrote.

"We still have plenty of memories to make my bro so keep being a stubborn hua aye.

"I remember you telling me how you wanted to move to America some time this year, it probably won't happen this year but I saw how keen you were so you've got to do it my man.

"We'll pump it through this. I love you so much my man, your [sic] my best friend so get well soon brother."

Erica read the letter out aloud to James at his bedside.

She said James was "floating in and out of consciousness. He couldn't speak but I think he could hear us because he was moving his arms".

Maxwell has told his mother he has no recollection of the crash," he remembers five seconds before the impact.

She said the boys had been driving around visiting their friends and believed alcohol wasn't a factor in the crash.

Despite being unable to move and having to wear a heavy back brace, with a steel metal piece making it difficult for Maxwell to breathe, cough or move freely, he was heading to Waikato hospital on Friday afternoon to be reunited with his friend for the first time since the accident.

Erica described James as "a beautiful person with a kind soul".

"I think Kaleb has been struggling with what's happened and gets emotional about James long recovery process," she said.

"He just wants to be with him [at the hospital visit] for as long as he can."

The boys were childhood friends since they were at kindergarten and have remained close ever since.

Both started playing soccer when they were five. They went on to play rugby, touch and the sevens together.

Erica explained how "chuffed" Kaleb was when James invited him to be in Six60's music video for their track White Lines, where both boys were driving in a car.