A hit and run incident was two inches away from claiming four lives in Auckland last week.

Now the family and police are seeking justice.

Cousins Karamveer and Manraj Singh, both 4, were crossing Baverstock Rd in Flat Bush with Karamveer's mother Mandeep Kaur on August 18. They were on their way to preschool.

Kaur checked the road was clear, saw a white sedan far away but thought she had plenty of time to cross. But the car was going fast. Kaur, who is 37 weeks pregnant, pulled the boys back quickly. But Karamveer had already taken a step forward. The car hit his right leg breaking the bone.


The sedan did not stop and turned left onto Chapel Rd.

Manraj came running inside yelling "accident, accident", Pardeep Singh ran outside in his pajamas.

"When I saw he got hit by the car I just ran. I thought something serious had happened.

"They both could have been gone, she could have been gone. Four lives could have been gone that day."

Kaur said the car came within two inches of her pregnant belly but she was too worried about her crying son to think about it at the time.

Karamveer didn't want to put weight on his injured leg and they noticed some swelling and a cut, it wasn't until they got an x-ray that they knew it was broken.

Kaur said the hit and run has affected both of the young boys. Now they're both terrified of crossing the road. Her son hasn't been sleeping and has had stomach and leg pain.

Singh said he just "wants to get the bastard" who did this to his son. He said he will do anything to see the driver in court.


"Over 200 kids live here with the school so close. I don't want them to hit someone else later on. We need justice."

Local mother Simran Naik drove past the accident shortly after it happened.

"I saw the police vans coming up and saw the child in front of his mum, she was holding him really tight.

She said it was a shame something like that had happened in their neighbourhood. Naik said the little boy is very lucky he escaped with just a broken leg.

"I was devastated, how far away is the foot from the body?

"You have to be very careful.

"It's a shame the person ran away. But I'm sure they will get caught. An accident like this, the person did wrong."

The car that hit and run, breaking Karamveer's leg. Photo / CCTV
The car that hit and run, breaking Karamveer's leg. Photo / CCTV

Two police cars and an ambulance attended the incident.

Counties Manukau Senior Sergeant Jono Chappell said this is a serious matter which left the mother and children shaken.

"Failing to stop and render assistance following a vehicle crash is a criminal offence.

"The fact that this person did not stop to see if the child was okay is appalling and we would like to identify the owner of the vehicle so we can make further inquiries."

CCTV footage shows the vehicle but the registration number is not visible.

The vehicle is distinctive in that it has tinted windows, a rounded quarter light and black mag wheels.

The vehicle is similar to a Honda Civic saloon sedan 2006-2011 model.

Police are seeking help to identify the owner of the vehicle pictured.

Contact Senior Sergeant Jono Chappell on 09 261 1300 if you can assist or call 0800 555 111 to provide information anonymously.