A former teacher found guilty of physically assaulting a student has been banned from the profession over concerns he could strike again.

Reginald Deans, 54, has been censured and deregistered from teaching, over a 2014 incident that saw him push a Tongariro School pupil in the chest and shoulders, with two hands, into a wall.

At the Taupo District Court, in July last year, he was found guilty of common assault and fined $500.

Earlier this year he appeared before the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal. His lawyer Dzintra King told the tribunal Deans wished to continue teaching and therefore a censure on his practice was appropriate.


"He has spent a long time dealing with students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is very unfortunate this event has occurred."

She said Deans had also taken counselling and there were "indications he is willing to participate in practises to keep his registration"

At the time a decision over his future was reserved, but a final report has since been published detailing the tribunal's judgment.

In the report tribunal chair Kenneth Johnston said the fact the former teacher had failed to fully acknowledge his guilt was a key factor.

He said Deans was "seemingly unable to focus any attention on his own failings or recognise that he may have to change".

Johnston said it was largely as a result of the Dean's attitude that the tribunal had found it necessary to consider questions of public safety rather than the former teacher's rehabilitation.

"It is difficult to think in terms of potential for rehabilitation when the respondent continues to deny any responsibility at all."

He said the tribunal felt if a similar situation arose again there was a "real risk he would succumb to violence again" and therefore felt there was no choice but to censure Deans and cancel his practising certificate.