A mother and daughter who had to be winched out of the forest they were lost in "did all the right things," according to Land Search and Rescue.

A 40-year-old woman and her 14-year-old daughter had to be rescued out of the Rotoma forest on Saturday after taking a wrong turn and getting lost.

The pair went into the forest for what was expected to be a two-hour tramp, according to Constable Colin Fraser of Rotorua's search and rescue.

When they did not return, the woman's husband went looking for them, before alerting search and rescue.


"They were not prepared for an overnight tramp because they only intended on being in there for two hours but they did all the right things.

"When they took a wrong turn and got lost they sat and waited until they were found, which is exactly what you should do," Mr Fraser said.

Whakatane Land Search and Rescue eventually found the pair on a walking track at 3am and tried to walk them out.

A decision was made to wait until first light where the BayTrust Rescue Helicopter was used to winch them out.

BayTrust Rescue Helicopter pilot Todd Dunham said the pair were cold but in good spirits.

The helicopter flew them to Kawerau where they were met by police and St John's.

The outdoor safety code:
1. Plan your trip - Seek local knowledge and plan the route you will take and the amount of time you can reasonably expect it to take.
2. Tell someone your plans - leave a date to raise the alarm if you haven't returned.
3. Be aware of the weather - New Zealand's weather can be highly unpredictable. Check the forecast and expect weather changes.
4. Know your limits - Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience. Learn safe ways of rescuing others without putting yourself in danger.
5. Take sufficient supplies - Make sure you have enough food, clothing, equipment and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario. Take an appropriate means of communication.
- Land Search and Rescue