An Airforce aircraft has had to make an emergency landing after its engine overheated mid-flight.

Fire Service spokesman said the C-130 Hercules plane touched down at Whenuapai Airport around 6.15pm.

There were 30 passengers but no reports of injuries.

"In the air it was reporting an overheated engine.


"The aircraft has shut down its engines now that it has landed."

Three fire crews have met the aircraft and police are on their way.

The Air Force have had two emergency landings at Whenuapai recently.

Three days ago an Air Force Boeing 757 landed due to a punctured tyre.

On June 29 the C-130 Hercules declared an emergency after reporting pressurisation issues and quickly landed.

The RNZAF operates five C-130 Hercules. It is a large aircraft capable of carrying up to 92 people, although it is also used for carrying freight.