A house fire which left significant damage to the residence this morning is being investigated.

Two fire engines, a support vehicle and police were called to the scene of the fire on Petrie St.

A neighbour said they originally heard the fire engines and thought they sounded close.

She said she had seen the paint blistering on the roof and the windows melting.


Senior station officer Ben Alton said no one was inside the house and firefighters had determined the fire started in the bedroom.

He said the fire was contained to the bedroom and one crew with one high pressure hose was able to contain it.

"The first crew going in was able to get it under control."

There was a lot of smoke, he said.

Specialist fire investigator Stuart Bootten said no cause had been found as of yet, and it would probably take a few weeks because it looked like things would need to be sent off for testing.

He said there was nothing to indicate it was suspicious.

A Northern Fire Communications spokeswoman said it was a well involved house fire that was called in at 8.48am.

Rotorua area prevention manager Inspector Stu Nightingale said the owners had been contacted and would be cutting their holiday in Australia short to come back.

He said the house was being house-sat and it was insured.