A Taiwanese man has been sentenced to 11 years and 6 months imprisonment for smuggling in a $9.5 million meth haul in the lining of suitcases.

Ting-Hsiu Chang, 21, was found guilty in the Manukau District Court in July.

His accomplice Jen-Wei Chang was sentenced to 6 years 10 months' imprisonment in June this year following an early guilty plea.

In May 2015, Customs officers profiled and questioned the men upon arrival at Auckland International Airport from Taiwan. Baggage searches located around 9.5 kilograms of meth hidden in the lining of four suitcases.


Customs investigations manager Maurice O'Brien said the seizure was a result of identifying high risk passengers, as well as the questioning and examination skills of officers at Auckland Airport.

"Criminal syndicates recruit people to willingly carry drugs through airports in exchange for money and benefits, but Customs has a pretty good idea of who and what to look out for.

"These drug couriers end up serving time, carrying a conviction for life, and bringing shame upon their families back home - the result is never worth the risk," Mr O'Brien said.