Two offenders responsible for trying to abduct two girls in three days are still on the loose.

Police are seeking help from the public to catch them.

Detective Sergeant David Paea said they do not believe the incidents are linked as the descriptions of the offenders are quite different.

The first victim, 15, was waiting for her mum to pick her up at the bus stop in Onehunga on July 26 when a man drove up to her around 4pm.


The man, who was unknown to her, stopped his car in front of her then said her mother had sent him to pick her up.

She refused to get into the vehicle so the man got out of the car, grabbed her arm and tried to force her inside.

Then three or four teenage boys ran towards the bus stop and the man jumped back into his car and sped off towards Pleasant St.

Paea said the bus stop was on Beachcroft Ave.

"We believe the boys may have scared off the man and we'd like to hear from them.

"They were aged around 15 and enquiries to locate the teenage witnesses has been unsuccessful.

"We've been following various lines of enquiry since the incident but the offender hasn't yet been identified or located."

The offender is described as a male of average build around 40-years-old. He is believed to have been wearing a dark suit. The vehicle is described as a white, four-door sedan.

Contact Glen Innes CIB on 09 524 1921 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to help

The second school girl managed to wriggle free from the grip of a man on July 28 as she headed to school.

Between 9.10am and 9.30am the girl, who is also 15, was walking along an alleyway between Santos Place and Waitangi St in Onehunga when she was grabbed by a man she didn't know, a police spokesperson said.

The girl's mother told Fairfax the man grabbed her daughter from behind while she was on her way to catch a bus and get to class. He told her to keep quiet but she got away.

Between October last year and March there were 11 street-grab style assaults against women aged 21 to 52 by a young man.