Nikki Reynolds-Wilson is walking and talking after her lung transplant.

The 25-year-old underwent the major surgery last week and was moved into a ward yesterday.

Mrs Reynolds-Wilson and her sister Kristie Purton both suffer from cystic fibrosis. They have almost completed their second round of 65 good deeds to raise awareness of their condition inspired by the way young children say cystic fibrosis - 65 roses.

Mrs Reynolds' Wilson had been on the waiting list for new lungs for over a year and half.


Last week she got the much needed operation when she was called on Wednesday.

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Her lungs had been working at about 20 per cent andshe needed needed IV antibiotics every three weeks to help deal with the condition.

Mrs Purton said her sister was still on a lot of morphine to control the pain but had been recovering well since the eight-hour operation.

Mrs Reynolds-Wilson had had her breathing tubes removed, although she was just being fed intraveniously and drinking only water. She was moved into a ward yesterday morning after being in ICU since the operation.

Mrs Purton said hopefully her little sister would able to take her first bites of food over the next few days.

"She has had the breathing tubes removed, but she is also talking, sitting up and starting to walk around.

"She is doing good, she has been talking away, is doing great.

"I am so proud at how strong she is being. She went for a walk, she was only supposed to walk a certain distancebut she kept going further and further.

Mrs Reynolds-Wilson still need needed some oxygen but was almost breathing on her own.

The cystic sister would be in a ward at Auckland Hospital for up to the next two weeks and then moved to Hearty Towers and would be there between six weeks to three months, depending on her recovery.

Mrs Purton said doctors looking after her sister were still really pleased how she had progressed so far.

"I am really happy for her, I can't wait until she gets home and does all the things she wants to do. "

Mrs Reynolds-Wilson would have to be on anti -rejection drugs for the rest of her life.

Who are the cystic sisters?
Kristie Purton and Nikki Reynolds-Wilson have been dubbed the cystic sisters. The two women set out on doing 65 good deeds acorss 65 days in 2015 to raise awareness of their condition, cystic fibrosis. They have been doing the same this year with the 65 days due to end this weekend.