The family of a Morrinsville woman knew she was a millionaire before she did.

The rugby-mad winner was watching the Super Rugby final on Saturday so missed watching the Lotto draw.

"I normally always check my ticket while watching the live Lotto draw on Saturday evening, but with the rugby final on I missed it," explained the winner.

But her family know which numbers she plays so the next morning, she received a call from one of them.


"Everyone in my family knows which numbers I play - they're easy to remember, because they're all birthdays and important family dates.

"So when they saw the winning numbers in the paper on Sunday, everyone jumped on the phone and called me straight away to see whether I'd bought a ticket that week."

After hearing that the winning numbers could be her lucky numbers, the winner checked online to check the results. She had won $1 million in First Division.

"I sat at the computer with my ticket in hand, checking the numbers off one by one - and oh my goodness, I couldn't believe it, I had all six Lotto numbers in a row," she said.

With the money now in her bank account, the winner said she has had no time to think about what she will do with the winnings.

"I haven't decided yet what I will do with the money, but let's just say the kids might be getting a better-than-usual Christmas present this year," she said.

"It will certainly make life so much easier now."

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought her ticket from at Paper Plus Morrinsville.

It was the third major prize won in the Waikato region in the past month. A Hamilton couple won $1 million with Lotto First Division last Wednesday, and a Hamilton family took home $13.3million in the $40 million Powerball draw on July 9.

Both of the tickets were sold online at