Police spent the night looking for a Hamilton teen with mental disabilities, refusing to give up the search overnight.

The 16-year-old was reported missing about 9.30pm Tuesday after those caring for him were unable to find him after searching for four hours.

"An initial search of the area from family and police proved unsuccessful, said Senior Sergeant Damion Rangitutia.

"Officers were determined to find him as soon as possible.


"Given the cold night-time temperatures and the limited clothing he had on him, police refused to hold the search until the morning."

He said the "vulnerable nature of the boy" gave police serious concerns for his safety - so they spent the night looking for him.

Hamilton Police spent almost five hours scouring nearby streets and parks, before finally locating the boy in a park near Sandwich Rd.

"He was exhausted, cold and disoriented when he was found but is now at home, safe and well. He was offered medical assistance before being reunited with his relieved and emotional family."