Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel has confirmed she is standing for re-election.

She says she has "unfinished business" in leading the post-disaster city to recovery.

This morning Dalziel filed her official nomination to retain the top job in the upcoming local body elections.

Dalziel also launched her campaign for re-election today, under the banner of "Best for Christchurch".

"I've been proud to represent Christchurch for the past three years but I believe there is unfinished business," she said.


"As mayor, I have based my decisions on what I truly believe is best for Christchurch - not best for council, not best for government and not best for an individual interest group - but best for Christchurch. This is what I continue to stand for."

Over the past three years, Dalziel says, she has provided strong and stable leadership and brought "transparency and financial discipline" to a council struggling with the fallout and recovery of the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

"It hasn't been easy, but our finances are now in order, our insurance is settled and our facilities are being restored," Dalziel added.

"We've made great progress in getting things on a strong, sustainable footing but there is more work to do."

Dalziel's bid is supported by former National cabinet minister, Philip Burdon, and the founder of the non-profit group Ministry of Awesome, Kaila Colbin, who also supported her 2013 bid.

Dalziel inherited a city that not only faced "tremendous challenges", Colbin said, but also suffered from not even knowing how bad the challenges were.

Burdon added that Dalziel had done "a remarkable job in extremely trying circumstances".
"I believe the city is universally grateful that she has agreed to stand again," he said.

Dalziel said she was buoyed by confidence in her leadership.

"People are telling me they want stability and they want continuity," she said.

"My platform in 2013 was 'One City Together' and that still holds true - we are a diverse city and there are many talented and innovative people here from all walks of life. We need to make sure they can be engaged in the incredible opportunity that regeneration offers.

"Three years ago, Cera was in charge. Now it's time for local leadership and for our communities to have a real say in the regeneration opportunities that lie ahead."

Dalziel said that it was important to remember that these things don't happen by chance.

"I'm committed to leading a united council focused on what's Best for Christchurch - the sky's the limit."

Local authority elections will be held on October 8.