A 20-year-old woman is desperately searching for her father with a Bob Marley jersey possibly providing a vital clue.

Analise Forster, who lives in Blenheim, has little information about the man, who she believes is Samoan and named Sefo or Sefu.

He met her mother, a Pakeha woman named Kelly Forster, in 1995 when she was working as a hairdresser in Wellington.

He lived in the Cannons Creek area and had friends named Sam and Tui.


Forster said finding her father was something she'd wanted ever since she was a child.

"I would love to finally meet my father. I think it's been long enough.

"You see little kids around with their dad and you kind of want that relationship. I've always wanted to meet my Dad," she said. "My Dad walking me down the aisle has always been something I've thought of."

Forster also wanted to learn more about her Dad's Samoan heritage.

"I've been brought up around so many different cultures, but I know more about them, than my own Samoan culture. I'm nearly 21 and I don't know any Samoan at all."

Forster has posted on social media, contacted a television show and even started a petition on change.org in an attempt to find the man.

"It was my cousin's idea, I had never thought of doing it so publically because I am so shy."

But Forster said she decided a year and a half ago to push herself out of her comfort zone to try and find her father.

The Bob Marley top which used to belong to Forster's father. Photo / supplied
The Bob Marley top which used to belong to Forster's father. Photo / supplied

She said the response has been really good and has left her feeling hopeful that one of the tips may lead to her dad, or his family.

"I didn't expect many shares I was blown away with the amount of caring loving people out there.

"It's been an emotional roller coaster with the amount of people messaging me but I'm so grateful for the love and support I get every day."

Forster, who was born on March 23, 1996, didn't think her father knew he had a daughter.

"My mum told a lady about it, she was supposed to pass the message on, but we don't think she did."

"He maybe in Wellington but unsure if he still lives there," she said. "I have one item that belongs to him and that's a Bob Marley jersey."

Forster said she took the jersey with her everywhere - even across to Australia when she went to live there for awhile.

"It's the only thing of his I've got."

Forster asked those who read her post to share it - in the hopes it would help her find her long-lost father.

"If you read this can you all please LIKE and SHARE, I really need this to be SHARED and LIKED as I need this this to get around."

On the online petition, Forster's friends wrote: "A young woman such as Ana has a lot to gain from having questions about her history and individuality answered as early as possible, before the passage of time risks some of the sought after answers being harder to obtain or even lost."

Anyone with information on Forster's father, should contact her on Facebook.