A Rotorua hatchery has had a late season addition to its kiwi flock - a newly hatched chick called Tail End Charlie.

Images of the fluffy little hatchling show it being fed, and snuggling into the Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter staff's hands and lap.

Kiwi husbandry manager Claire Travers said it was the latest an egg had hatched during a season.

"It's amazing that we were incubating an egg from the last season alongside two eggs from the start of the 2016/2017 season.


"Why it's so late? I'm unsure."

The Kiwi hatching season typically runs from September until June.

Last season, 102 chicks hatched, including a handful named to commemorate the Rugby World Cup: Retallick, Cherry Blossom, Savea, Twickenham and Seven.

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