A woman lost in the forest near Foxton Beach has been found safe and well.

The 58-year-old walked out with her dog onto Foxton Beach at first light this morning.

Sergeant Andy Brooke said they got a call from the woman just as the search was about to resume today.

"We were ​just gathering volunteers again and then lost party walked out onto the beach.


"She still had cellphone coverage thank goodness, so she called us and said 'I'm here' so we went and picked her up."

An extensive search by helicopter and teams on foot began at about 5pm yesterday when she called emergency services to say she was lost.

Conditions in the area overnight were mild with a little rain.

Brooke said the woman was in good spirits when she emerged from the forest with her pet labrador.

"She was fine, her dog had kept her warm overnight, and the dog was with her when she came out.

"She had good warm clothing when she went into the bush."

Her family was waiting for her and was rapt to see her found safe.

"I suspect she'll go home and have a wee sleep," Brooke said.

"The reason she got lost was that dog saw another dog and then they went off track. We asked her to stay put and thats what she did until it got light and she walked out."

Brooke said the search party had tried locating the woman using her phone during the night but they were unable to establish a GPS signal.

"We tried calling her all through the night but i suspect she turned it off to save the battery. She did everthing she could."

About 50 people were involved in the search.