A mayoral candidate has described the culture at Wellington City Council toxic.

Nick Leggett - currently the mayor of Porirua - says the number of councillors in the race for mayor proves there's something wrong.

Eight candidates are currently in the race to be Mayor, including the incumbent Celia Wade-Brown, her deputy Justin Lester, along with a number of other current councillors.

Leggett says if elected, he'll introduce an annual rotation of council committee chair people.


"The kingdoms that have been established in different areas, I want to break that. I think we should have revolving chair roles, committees that actually do work, and focus on particular areas."

Mr Leggett said if he wins the mayoralty in October, he'll lead by example and leave after two terms to promote a continual rejuvenation of the council.

"This idea that you hang around for a lifetime like many on Wellington City Council, and you make a job out of it, is not something that I find attractive."

"My view is that you get in, you make change, and then you move on."

Meanwhile students are calling for Wellington's mayoral candidates to consider them in their campaigns.

They're asking candidates to make pledges to reduce the cost of bus fares and create a warrant of fitness for flats.

Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association president Jonathan Gee said it would be beneficial for the city if decision makers valued student needs.

"I think they'd be more likely to vote, and also more likely to stay in Wellington. I think Wellington has a bit of an issue around retention of graduates, in terms of growing jobs and telling students that they are valued as part of this city."