One Jetstar flight had to be evacuated and at least two were delayed after a man running late triggered an alarm at Auckland Airport's domestic terminal today.

The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) reported that at around 2.10pm, a man forced his way back through the airport's "shark's teeth gate" into terminal pier.

It was understood a passenger who was on a flight to Wellington decided to bypass security altogether because he was running late.

Jetstar said the man was not a Jetstar passenger. Air New Zealand did not comment, saying it was a police matter.


"Once the sterile area is beached an alarm is triggered and it is standard safety and security procedure to re-screen passengers in the area," Avsec spokesperson Mike Richards said.

Delays were expected as a result of the breach and passengers had been sent back for re-screening.

The door was closed into screening area while the pier was secured.

"Avsec regrets any delays but must put passengers safety first," remove Mr Richards said.

Auckland Airport spokesperson Simon Lambourne recommended affected passengers check the airport's website and apps for the latest information.

Despite the alert, the man made his flight and was remove (to be) interviewed by police upon his arrival at Wellington airport.

It wasn't clear whether he would be prosecuted over the incident.

"Depending on the circumstances, the response from us could range from issuing a formal warning to a fine - which varies in amount depending on category and severity," Richards said."


"He may also suffer consequences from the airline operator."

A Jetstar flight, from Auckland to Dunedin and with 150 passengers onboard, was delayed by around an hour.

The flight was fully boarded and passengers were required to disembark for re-screening.

Another flight from Auckland to Christchurch was delayed by around 20 minutes, Jetstar spokesperson Phil Boeyen said.

Asked whether the airline would be taking action over the incident, he said: "We will be liaising with Aviation Security on the incident."