The woman who alleges she was raped by a Northern Districts cricket player has no memory of some of the events of the night which led to her taking Scott Kuggeleijn home with her, a jury has heard.

The 21-year-old Waikato university student took the stand this afternoon and told of how she recalled going to an 18th birthday party at a flat in Silverdale before heading into town.

The couple arrived at Furnace bar in Hamilton and she recalled going to the toilet and falling asleep for some time before meeting him in the bar where he bought her a drink. They then left and took a taxi back to her house.

The young woman said they went straight to her bedroom and she took off her clubbing clothes and hopped into bed in her underwear.


Kuggeleijn joined her in only his jockeys.

The pair then started kissing and fondling each other. The woman then felt sleepy and asked him to stop.

"I wanted to go straight to sleep. I was really intoxicated ... Initially I was okay with it and then I wanted to go to sleep."

She said she told him "no" in a "light hearted way" as he tried to pull her knickers down. After a few times he stopped and they started kissing.

He tried to have sex again and he asked her why not. She said it "dwindled" and they eventually fell asleep.

The pair were woken by friends who they had been clubbing with at about 3am and they chatted to the pair in the bedroom before walking back to their own house.

The victim invited them to stay and said she was insistent because she was starting to feel uneasy.

She then woke at 7am and saw Kuggeleijn looking at her.

They started kissing and touching again.

"I started to say no to him. I was a lot more firm to him this time," the jury heard.

She said she was trying to hold her underwear up but he got them off and she tried to push his hips away with her hands. He then grabbed her arm and wrists and at one point told her to "shush".

"The defendant was on top of me and grabbed both my wrists and put his full body weight on top of me. At this point he physically overpowered me and he penetrated me. I was stuck and just staring up at the ceiling ..."

The victim said she had tears running down her face afterwards and felt panicked. She went and saw her flatmate who told her to have a shower and she went and asked Kuggeleijn to leave.

Defence lawyer Philip Morgan QC began his cross examination of the witness yesterday afternoon and repeatedly asked if she was downplaying the attraction she had for Kuggeleijn or the fact that she had large gaps in her memory of the night.

Morgan played footage from the night club which showed the pair dancing for several minutes on the dance floor before going down the corridor towards the toilet where they kiss again.

They return to the bar and the victim disappears to the toilet for no longer than five minutes, according to the video.

The victim said she had no memory of this and could also not recall grabbing Kuggeleijn's crotch earlier in the night or kissing him passionately in the back seat of the car on the way in to the bar.

"I'm putting to you that you were very interested in him and made it very obvious to everyone else," Morgan said.

"You gave quite detailed account of what took place between yourself and Kuggeleijn in your bed. That tells us does it not that you remember it. You tell us prior to those events that you only have a limited memory," Morgan said.

The victim replied, her memory had only been affected by the amount of alcohol she had been drinking. She denied having any memory of being sexually interested in him.

"I don't. I was really intoxicated. I can only remember snippets of certain parts of the night."

The cross examination of the woman continues tomorrow.