A 49-year-old Auckland man faces a slew of fraud charges for stealing credit cards from cars parked in one of Auckland's most exclusive suburbs.

The man will appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow on at least 54 fraud-related charges relating to credit cards stolen from cars in Remuera.

Police were actively searching for the man who has a warrant to arrest for failing to appear in court on fraud charges in February this year. His whereabouts were unknown due to his transient nature, until today.

Inspector Andy King said Remuera's community community constable was driving down the suburb's Benson Rd this morning and immediately recognised the man who was walking along the road.


"The Remuera area has been suffering from a series of thefts from cars parked on roads and in driveways over the past couple of years," he said.

"Items including credit cards are often stolen and then fraudulently used a short time later.

"This offending has been a thorn in the side of Remuera for some time."