A group of youths playing Pokemon Go wandered into a restricted area of an electricity company prompting the Electricity Engineers' Association to put out a public safety alert warning people to stay out of the danger zones.

The alert on the EEA website said the youths were trespassed from the site at the weekend for trying to capture the virtual Pokemon in the area.

It said the company downloaded the app and found more Pokemon "hiding" in other locations at the site.

The alert recommended the EEA's 50-plus members also download the app to check whether Pokemon were in other restricted areas.


EEA executive director Peter Berry said it was an area where the public shouldn't be and such sites posed a number of hazards for people including electricity risks.

"We want to make sure people are aware they need to keep safe."

Berry said the EEA was concerned enough to put out the alert because it wasn't possible to completely lock down every site.

"These sorts of games they come and go and we just need to be on our guard."