Controversial journalist-turned-conspiracy theorist David Icke is headed to our shores, and he's caused a ruckus on the way.

The former broadcaster - who believes that the planet is secretly ruled by a race of shapeshifting reptiles who control human behaviour - will be in the country August 6 for a 12-hour seminar. Tickets are $90 to $150 each.

Since his "awakening" in 1990, the Brit has claimed he is the son of God and the Royal Family are "bloodsucking alien lizards" who work with world leaders to enslave the human race.

He also claimed the world would be devastated by natural disasters in 1997 and as a result, New Zealand would "disappear".


During an appearance on The Today Show in Australia this morning, hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson tried to wrap their heads around Icke's theories, while he became increasingly frustrated.

Wilkinson asked Icke to explain some of his unusual views on extraterrestrial life.
"Let's drill down into some of your beliefs. You think our moon is a hollowed out space station. That's a hard one to buy, that one," she said.

Icke insisted that "mainstream science cannot explain why a body that big, bigger than Pluto, can be going around a planet this small. It makes no sense. They can't explain how it came into being. Lots and lots of ancient tribes and tribal peoples have the same legend that the moon was brought here and there was a time when the Earth did not have a moon."

"Shipped in by trucks or something?" Wilkinson asked.

"That's a good one. Nice one," said Icke.

That was followed by an increasingly fraught discussion about how exactly the moon was "moved" to its current position. Finally, an exasperated Icke told the hosts: "You don't know what my theories are. You have been briefed this morning by a researcher. You don't know what my theories are."

"I'm trying to understand it on behalf of the audience so they can understand it," Wilkinson countered, still trying to keep the interview on track.

Trying another tack, Wilkinson asked Icke about his belief that world leaders are reptilian aliens.


"OK, can you tell us who are the aliens? Is Vladimir Putin an alien?" she asked.

"This is a joke. It's an absolute joke. You have never read a book, you won't come and see the talk," Icke replied.

The interview came to a close and Icke left the building less than impressed.

Wilkinson said: "Let's just say he walked out of here not a happy camper. I said, 'David, you'll sell a lot of tickets off that,' and he... well, I won't repeat what he said."

- Herald Online,