A man shot dead by police during a police search in Hamilton last night had presented a firearm, police revealed.

Assistant commissioner Allan Boreham said police were searching a property in relation to an ongoing investigation into the supply of methamphetamine and firearms when the shooting happened.

"Upon entry to the building, officers announced that they were armed police," Boreham said.

He said a man inside the building picked up a long-barrelled firearm and cocked it "in very close proximity".


"Despite being called upon multiple times, he continued to present the firearm and was subsequently shot."

Boreham said the premises were very cramped and officers took the man outside, and administered first aid until the ambulance arrived.

The 36-year-old Hamilton man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said his name would not be released at this stage, as he was yet to be formally identified.

"The scene was immediately shut down and has been guarded overnight and, as is standard, an investigation into the circumstances of the shooting is under way."

A woman known to the dead man was also in the building, in a different area.

She has given police an initial statement but will be spoken to further as the enquiry progresses, Boreham said.

The IPCA has also been advised.

The original investigation into the methamphetamine supply and firearms is ongoing.

The investigation has uncov ered possible gang connections to the address.

A full scene examination will get under way this morning and is expected to take several days.

Police are quizzing people turning up to work near the shooting site, and are writing down their details before letting them through.

Emergency services were called to the industrial area in Grasslands Pl at about 6.45pm.

Grasslands Place in Hamilton has been cordoned off after a suspected shooting. Photo / Belinda Feek
Grasslands Place in Hamilton has been cordoned off after a suspected shooting. Photo / Belinda Feek

Armed Offenders Squad and members of the Criminal Investigation Branch were in attendance at the time.

Locals say the building is broken up into three areas. The front section is a mechanics' workshop, which has been running for a month or so.

The rear two sections were being used "for other things", they say.

One business owner who was working last night wouldn't comment about the shooting, just saying that the police do a great job but unfortunately it went wrong last night.

Several officers in hazmat suits were seen leaving the site in a number of vehicles shortly after the shooting last night.

A bus driver, who asked not to be named, said there was a huge police presence on site.

"I was driving past and I saw the police at the intersection with Kahikatea Dr. One of them had his police vehicle [blocking the road], with its lights flashing, and a rifle.

"When I saw the rifle, I thought: 'Yep, something's going down there'."

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