Three days after the draw that had Kiwis queuing out of supermarket doors, the full $40 million has been snapped up.

The two remaining winners of Saturday's biggest Lotto prize have come forward.

Three tickets won a share of $40m. The first winner, who bought a ticket at Pak'nSave Dunedin, claimed his $13.3m in record time on the night of the draw.

The second and third ticket-holders claimed theirs this morning.


The tickets were bought in Hamilton and at the Oparau Roadhouse near Kawhia.

Oparau general store owners Bill and Brenda Rogers can't wait to find who has won over $13million

The Hamilton MyLotto winners described how they discovered they had won the $13.3m.

The players found out that they held the winning ticket on the Sunday morning following the draw.

They logged onto their MyLotto account and had a message from MyLotto telling them that they were major prize winners.

Their first reaction was disbelief, they "just couldn't make it seem real".

Even now "it still feels weird".

Before they won the money, they had talked about taking all of their friends on an overseas holiday somewhere.

Now that they've won, the first thing they plan to do is talk to their bank manager and pay off their mortgage.

They have told family but are intending to remain anonymous.

Lotto spokeswoman Emilia Mazur said it wasn't unusual for winners to wait a while before claiming their prize.

"Some like to claim their prize straight away - like the Dunedin winners who checked their ticket straight after the draw. Others like to wait a few days, or weeks, to think about what they want to do with their winnings and get a few things sorted out before they claim."

Any more than a month was considered "quite long", and Lotto would generally start thinking of other ways of contacting the winner.

"For large prizes such as for Saturday's draw, we would usually expect the winners to claim their prize relatively promptly. "

The Herald broke the news to Oparau Roadhouse owner Brenda Rogers, who was "very happy and excited" to hear the news.

"I hope it's a local, but we may never find out, unless they come forward to us because Lotto can't tell us."

She thought it could be a resident, or someone from the Te Awamutu or Otorohanga area.

"We're the only Lotto shop in the area, we get the people going out fishing, but it's not a through road."

Rogers said everyone would be keeping their eyes and ears out-- "the rumours will start circulating quickly".