A new grading system is being launched to promote food safety in Auckland businesses.

Auckland Council has introduced a certification scheme called "Eatsafe", designed to provide more transparency around food safety.

The new grading system assessed each business based on food safety, looking at cleaning, cooking, chilling of food and operator conduct as well as food suitability issues such as food composition and labelling.

This was a response to the introduction of the Food Act 2014, which came into effect on March 1 this year.


Auckland Council bylaws and regulatory committee chair councillor Calum Penrose said the Food Act 2014 promoted food safety by placing focus on the processes of food production and not where the food was made.

"With the increasing number and diversity of food outlets, and the rising popularity of eating out in Auckland, more people will be looking for the Eatsafe 'A -- Excellent' rating on the wall.

"Of course, under the new system, a 'B' or 'C' rating will also be a passing grade and quite appropriate for some types of outlets," he said.

"Our industry-leading system recognises that every one of the more than 8000 food businesses in Auckland is different, with differing levels of measurement required, depending on the type of food premises."

Auckland Council's existing blue food safety certificates will be phased out over the three years and food businesses serving alcohol will have until June 2017 to switch to the Eatsafe scheme.