Three aggravated robberies of intermediate students at the Greenlane Train Station in the last month by window washers are the latest in a string of incidents causing police concern.

Three teenagers, aged 13,14 and 16, had been arrested in relation to two of the robberies but police were still looking for a group of 10 young men who tried to force two students off their bikes in mid June, pushing one off.

The students ran away but police were not able to find the young men responsible.

Remuera Intermediate acting principal Tom Beckett told Radio New Zealand there had been two cases of pupils being stopped and robbed by car window washers in the past month.


A public meeting had been called to address the issue as the problem was getting worse, he said.Some parents were feeling uncomfortable allowing their children to walk to school alone.

"Now quite a few of them are feeling intimidated and quite scared to come to school."

Intimidation of business owners in Greenlane was also being investigated by police.

Police have trespassed at least eight known window washers from nearby businesses after incidents of disorder at their premises were reported, and police will continue to carry out specific operations targeting window washers.

Time and resources were being invested to address the ongoing "nuisance" caused by window washers who police said were travelling specifically to Greenlane to work and committing other offences while in the area.

"We fully recognise that window washers are intimidating and we continue to discourage motorists from paying them," said Inspector Andy King of Auckland Central police.

"We are carrying out ongoing work with the Auckland Council at the intersections of Green Lane West and Great South Rd and also at the intersection of Mt Wellington Highway and Penrose Rd.

"We know that youths are travelling into these areas by train and, where possible, police are visiting the intersections at every available opportunity."

He asked for the public to help police by not paying window washers.

"We're working really hard with the local community to ensure the Greenlane area is kept safe for everyone.

"We know though that the reason these people are coming to Greenlane is because they are making money from window washing.

"Not only are they intimidating and annoying for motorists, they are causing havoc for innocent people on the way to and from their window washing."