A Kiwi deported to New Zealand from Australia a fortnight ago is already behind bars here.

Nico Norman Emery Amohanga appeared in the Manukau District Court yesterday on a charge of removing and damaging his electronic monitoring bracelet.

The man declined the services of a duty solicitor and legal aid, and represented himself.

In a heavy Australian accent, the 43-year-old said he had lived in Australia since 1978 after moving there as a 4-year-old.


He pleaded guilty to intentionally damaging the bracelet that was he wearing as part of his conditions of returning to New Zealand under the Returning Offenders (Management and Information) Act 2015.

However, he denied two breaches of the Act.

The Act was introduced in 2015 to give authorities the power to assess and supervise offenders returning to the country.

It came after Australia introduced its own new policies to deport non-citizens who had served more than 12 months in prison or who had offended against children.

Judge Patrick Treston read a summary of facts that said Amohanga arrived in New Zealand on June 24.

He said that on Friday Amohanga intentionally damaged the monitoring system which was placed on him as part of the conditions of his return.

Amohanga pulled it off his body and smashed it on the road when a security officer on behalf of Corrections came to check on him, he said.

His application for bail was declined and he was remanded in custody until September 5.

He interrupted the judge throughout the proceedings, and yelled: "You may as well put me in jail your honour, I'll never wear that bracelet ever.

"This is s***, the police are f****** s***."

He tried repeatedly to leave the dock and return to the secure area where prisoners are detained before they are brought into the court room. He forced his way past the security officer and a commotion - including loud screaming and yelling - was heard from behind the door.