Driving drunk wasn't the only bad decision a Waikato woman made yesterday - she also rear ended a cop car at a fast food drive-through before verbally abusing an officer.

The woman was in the line behind a dog handler who'd just finished a shift "after a long day," the Waikato road policing team reported on their Facebook page.

The "bright spark in this matter" as police referred to the woman in the post, followed the squad car too closely.

"While still moving, the aforementioned person decides her car liked the rear of the patrol car, stops, gets out and starts abusing the officer... good one (not)!


"We get wind of this, head down to have a chat, smell alcohol. Result was 763 micrograms of alcohol per/L of breath; the limit being 250 of course, well in excess," police wrote on Facebook.

"Not the brightest move on her part! No damage to the patrol car thanks to a rather sturdy tow bar... Drive sober people!"