Police are still on the hunt for a man who vaulted the dock at Auckland District Court and fled from the premises on Thursday.

Brandon Pora, 18, appeared in court this week after allegedly having previously breached the terms of his electronically-monitored bail.

But it came as a surprise to learn he would be remanded in custody.

His reaction was to leap out of the area in which defendants stand, evade the clutches of a guard and run down an escalator before bolting out of the court's front doors onto Albert St.


His arrest at the end of March came after police released details of a spate of violent attacks which left several young people bloodied and bruised.

Pora was charged with three counts of aggravated robbery and one of assault with intent to rob.

Police said the charges related to incidents that took place in Oakley Creek, Waterview.

He is accused of using a knife and a screwdriver as weapons during the attacks and allegedly got away with electronics, wallets and cash.

Pora's alleged offending took place over three separate occasions between the end of February and late March.

The teen was initially remanded in custody but later granted electronically-monitored bail.

However, he allegedly missed his next court hearing thus violating the terms of that bail.
After details of the crimes were publicised, Auckland Mayor Len Brown requested a briefing, and concerns were also raised with Police Minister Judith Collins.

Pora is due in court again next month.