Kiwi newlyweds whose wedding photo outside a KFC made global news, have appeared on an American breakfast show.

Ashleigh and Louis Davis won global attention and some serious KFC-love when they posed in front of the Whangarei store after their February wedding.

They were rewarded with a year's supply of KFC and the offer of a trip to the chain's HQ in Kentucky, where Colonel Harland Sanders started the fried chicken empire in 1930.

The couple recently spent a whirlwind 24-hour trip in Louisville, Kentucky, home of KFC, as a part of their honeymoon, where they were guests at a breakfast television show Great Day Live!

Wedding of Louis and Ashleigh Davis outside KFC in Whangarei. Photo / via Facebook
Wedding of Louis and Ashleigh Davis outside KFC in Whangarei. Photo / via Facebook

Mrs Davis told the presenter they were surprised by the attention the photo received.

"Yeah, I was so shocked at first. I was like, [Louis] what are you doing, don't upload this as your profile photo, this is our first picture people are going to see of our wedding!"

Mr Davis said it was "crazy".

"We come from huge Maori families and we only had 150 people at the wedding so we kept it pretty low-key and pretty quiet, then everyone saw it -- it was crazy."

The couple, who flew out of Wellington on Wednesday, visited the KFC headquarters and also took a tour of the Colonel Sanders Museum before having lunch at, unsurprisingly, KFC.

"It was such a cool day.

"We met the president of KFC who's a Kiwi. He studied at the same Uni as Ashleigh actually - so they had a bit of a moment. It's always awesome to meet another Kiwi when you're on the other side of the world," Mr Davis said.

However the KFC-lovers couldn't decide if the Kentucky Fried Chicken tasted better in the US or New Zealand.

"You can't beat Hamilton's Grey Street KFC at 11 in the morning with your best mates.

"Actually, I think that's my life motto."

The couple would be heading to Orlando, and then take a cruise from Miami, and visit Mexico as a part of their honeymoon, before flying back home next month.