Waikato police are investigating the slaughter of "a dear old lady's" pet sheep on her farm.

The horrified woman made the grisly discovery the following morning, Cambridge police said on their Facebook page.

Police say the incident happened sometime on Friday night when "some bad guys" climbed the fence of her Tirau Rd farm, near Fergusson Gully, and killed four of her pet sheep - being ewes and heavily with lamb.

The group have then left the bloodied remains on the paddock for the shocked owner to find on Saturday morning.


"They left the offal and heads in the paddock for her to find the next morning. Obviously this has been very distressing for her, and we need to catch up with these people, so if you have any information we would greatly appreciate it."

Cambridge police Facebook followers have also shared their anger and sadness, while others say it's nothing new.

One person posted that it happened in Otorohanga last month when six ewes were killed, while another follower says it happened to them in Waitomo.

"Happened to me with my four pet sheep amongst the rest of the herd being the easy pickings - this was in waitomo. Horrible and talk about a misplaced sense of entitlement!"

Police are urging anyone with information to contact them on 07 8275531.