Emergency services were called to a Maketu factory after a woman's hand got caught in machinery.

Maketu fire chief Shane Beech said an 18-year-old woman had her hand trapped in machinery while working in a factory this morning.

Mr Beech said the woman's left hand and fingers were lacerated and required treatment by ambulance staff.

When the brigade arrived the machine had been shut off, the woman's hand freed and a temporary bandage applied, he said.


Mr Beech said the injuries were not life-threatening and it appeared only a few stitches would be needed.

"It obviously could have been a lot worse than it was," he said.

The machine her hand had become trapped in was a conveyor belt with a mix of rollers and stampers.

"I think the kill button for the machine was very close to where she was so I'm picking either she's hit it or someone else did it."