Police have warned those attending Armageddon 2016 events this long weekend to cover fake weapons to avoid public panic.

Armageddon Expo is a science fiction and comics convention held in various cities throughout the year, and this weekend's event is being hosted at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

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Many of those attending the expo, which has been dubbed the Wellington Geek Event, arrive dressed in costumes which may include accessories such as fake weapons.


While the were fake, they looked real, police warned this evening.

"Those attending the festival are asked that they be careful when they are walking to and from the events around Wellington and that they carry these 'weapons' with care so as not to scare members of the public."

Police had already today been called to Porirua after a man travelling to the expo was seen carrying a fake weapon.

"Although his actions in this case were innocent, police were called to investigate.

Call-outs such as this can often tie up police resources when this is not necessary."