Inmates at an Auckland prison were put in lockdown for 48 hours after obstructing corrections officers and disobeying orders.

Auckland South Corrections Facility prison director Mike Inglis said 12 inmates in a high-security wing at Wiri Prison were kept in their cells over the weekend to maintain security, while another 44 were let out of their cells for an hour a day.

He said the prisoners "obstructed officers in their duties and disobeyed a lawful order".

The 12 prisoners directly involved in the incidents remained in their cells over the weekend to maintain security, in accordance with the Corrections Act.


"They were regularly monitored to ensure their continued health and wellbeing.

"These prisoners are now on the same limited regime as the rest of the wing."

Mr Inglis said the decision to keep the inmates in lockdown was made with the safety of staff in mind.

"As permitted under the Corrections Act, the prison regime may change to maintain the good order of the prison. At all times, the safety of all staff and prisoners is our priority."

A prisoner who wished to remain anonymous told the Herald that he was unhappy with the way prisoners have been treated.

"They won't attend to any medical issues that we have, they're real ineffective with helping.

"Everyone's really isolated."

He said there was a lack of hygiene in the prison as they were unable to do their laundry, and were being denied access to hot water.

"The personal hygiene isn't good, people don't have clean clothes."

However, Mr Inglis refuted that, saying all prisoners were able to get hot water and were offered assistance with laundry if they are unable to manage it during unlock hours.