Work and Income offices in Linwood, Sydenham and Hornby in Christchurch have been closed after receiving threats.

A Ministry of Social Development spokesperson said police have been notified.

Earlier the Hornby WINZ office was closed after a threat was made to staff.

It's thought the threat was made over the phone.


Riccarton Wigram Community Board Chairman Mike Mora said he was at the Hornby branch when it was closed.

He said there were "probably 15 people standing around the front of the building that had appointments. No security guard came out to talk to them at all, and they were just standing around there wondering what on earth was going on."

Mora said there's not even a sign to say what's happening.

Last year the Hornby office was closed after a 52 year old man made threats against staff.

Threats against WINZ offices and staff are taken very seriously by Police, after two workers were fatally shot and one injured by Russell Tully in Ashburton in 2014.