New Zealand has the highest rate of family violence in the developed world but only about 20 per cent is reported to authorities. Last month, the Herald launched the We’re Better Than This campaign in a bid to raise awareness and encourage victims and abusers to ask for help.

A woman who was physically and psychologically abused, threatened, isolated, stalked and cyber-bullied by her partner has a new lease of life after she left the relationship.

She first spoke to the Herald about the relationship at the end of our We're Better Than This series saying she lived in fear of her partner.

After reading our stories she decided to leave him. For the first time she told her family what had been happening and she made a plan to escape.

In an email to the Herald she said: "I just wanted you to know you have changed my life ... I just wanted to speak up.


"I am so done ... I will leave him ... I'm saying right now that I am better than this."

The Herald can now reveal that the woman left her partner soon after, and is now living safely away from him.

To protect her and ensure her safety we will not disclose any further details of how or when she left or where she is now living.

Her family supported her and helped her leave.

"I'm here safe and sound. All went according to plan," she said the morning after she left.

"I woke up this morning with a smile. Stress-free ... I'm so happy."

Since leaving she has changed jobs and said she felt "great".

"I'm feeling happy and positive. I've got this," she said.


"He still calls and texts ... he says he's making changes ... I don't need the drama. It's clear there is no future with him."

She said she was worried he would make her out to be "the bad guy" but she was determined to get him out of her life.

"I have to finish this relationship," she said.