Waikato police are refusing to comment on why they cordoned off a rural school the morning after a quiz night.

Hamilton CIB Detective Sergeant Andre Kavanagh said they would not comment on what happened at Ohaupo School overnight Friday as they were yet to determine if an offence had been committed.

Locals awoke to a portion of the school playground taped off on Saturday morning.

"Clearly we are looking into something that happened over the weekend but we are yet to determine whether there has been an offence committed," Mr Kavanagh says.


And, unusually, police aren't commenting about what may have happened.

"We're not prepared to say really because if we establish that there's no offence committed then it's a big deal so we have to be mindful of what we release and on this occasion we're not releasing that."

One News had earlier reported that a woman was hospitalised after the suspected incident.

The school had held a quiz night on Friday night, but police were not commenting if the woman had attended the quiz.

Mr Kavanagh wouldn't confirm if the incident was of a sexual nature.