Masterton fire service station officer Mike Cornford says it is "unbelievable" that anyone was able to emerge alive from a spectacular head-on collision south of Masterton last night.

Fire, police and ambulance were called to SH2 and the intersection of Norman Ave around 5.30pm to find a shredded car on its roof among smashed tree branches and fallen power lines.

Beside it was a badly damaged station-wagon, still upright.

The male driver of the upside-down car, a Hyundai IX35, and the female driver of the other vehicle were taken to Wairarapa Hospital with minor injuries.


Police shut off southbound traffic from Masterton, diverting traffic down Cornwall Rd.

Mr Cornford said it was not clear what the chain of events was but it was definitely a head-on collision.

"That's one lucky escape," he said.

"It's unbelievable.

"It just shows you the value of airbags and modern cars."

Powerco were called in to deactivate the power lines before fire crews could move in and secure the vehicles.

SH2 was shut briefly on both lanes to allow removal of the vehicles.