Two men have been trespassed from Carterton School for fighting in front of pupils on school grounds.

Board of trustees chairman Jim Green said the fight between two fathers broke out shortly before school finished on Wednesday and was "highly visible" to the children leaving school for the day.

He did not know what had sparked the fight, but said he understood both men were at the school to pick up their children.

"I've no idea as to the background to it -- whether they have a personal grudge -- but it certainly wasn't the place to have a fight in front of those young kiddies."


His 6-year-old daughter, a pupil at the school, had witnessed the fight and was very upset by it, he said. "She came home and cried and cried and even last night she was clingy."

Teachers at the school had talked with the children after the fight to reassure them, Mr Green said.

Police attended and both men had been trespassed from the school for two years. Mr Green said he understood the men had since apologised, but they were "not welcome back".

South Wairarapa Sergeant Richie Day said punches were thrown but neither man was injured.

Both men had been spoken to by police but police would not be pressing charges as the victim had not wished to lay a complaint, Mr Day said.