Waikato road policing has released a map of the amount of crashes, police stops and driver complaints it has received in two sections of its patch in a week.

The map shows the north and eastern areas of the Waikato. The dots marked in green show where police pulled vehicles over, the black dots are driving complaints while the red dots are crashes.

"The Waikato has 16 state highways and SH1, SH2 & SH27 have thousands of cars on them everyday," they wrote in the post on their Facebook page. "Then SH25 up and around the Coromandel, SH25a from Kopu to Hikuai, all busy roads especially in our warmer months.

"This information is used to see where our risk roads are and to look ahead to deploy staff to risk. With the ski season not too far away there will be a shift toward the routes to the mountains as the ski bunnies start hitting the road. Drive safe out there and look after each other."


Followers noted the amount of black dots around the Huntly area, and police confirmed it was a busy area for road police.

"We do get a lot of calls for Huntly. A lot for young men riding motorcycles without helmets, especially in the parks and reserves. A few have resulted in serious injury crashes," police posted.