A man believed to be fleeing an attacker sought refuge at a Rotorua school today.

Emergency services were called to Rotorua Lakes High School after reports of an assault this afternoon.

Principal Bruce Walker told the Rotorua Daily Post a man had come up to one of the side entrances of the school trying to get away from someone and from what he had heard "the young guy was getting bashed".

"Our school is fully fenced so he came up to a gate, one of our caretakers could see he was upset and they let him in."


Mr Walker said he wasn't there at the time but had been told the man was injured. He said the school let him stay in the front office until police arrived.

Shortly after the incident, three police cars could be seen patrolling the area around the school. An ambulance also arrived, however the man had already left with police.

Police said they were investigating an assault in the area but could not provide any further information.