A honey cart owned by a New Zealand man facing cocaine trafficking charges in Australia has been taken by a man who claims to be owed $5000.

West Coast beekeeper Roy Arbon, who used to sell honey outside the Greymouth library, is in a remand prison in Australia while awaiting his next court appearance.

In the meantime, his cart has been taken by Kumara Junction man Robin Bradey, who claims Arbon left him out of pocket.

Mr Bradley said the beekeper had stayed with him for about 12 months but had not paid rent.


In a letter from prison in Perth, Arbon alerted the Greymouth Star to the 'theft' of his cart, but Mr Bradey said today he took it some time ago and has been trying to get hold of Arbon for the past four or five months to tell him he would get it back when he paid the rent.

Mr Bradey updated police on the situation today.

"I took sympathy and let him come out here," he said, noting that he had apparently lost his money in a scam.

He claimed at least some of Arbon's honey hives were empty and he had been buying in honey from other people.

"He doesn't quite live up to the expectations he portrays," Mr Bradey said.

About 6kg of cocaine was allegedly found in the lining of Arbon's bag when he landed in Perth after a flight from South America earlier this year.

- Greymouth Star