An Auckland man has his horoscope to thank for a life-changing $500,000 Lotto prize.

The Virgo, who wanted to remain anonymous, received a call from his wife last week telling him to pick up a Lotto ticket.

"My wife phoned me out of the blue and said 'I've been reading your horoscope and it says you're going to come into money - you should buy a Lotto ticket today," he said.

"Luckily I did as I was told."


The winner picked up a ticket at Ormiston Pak N Save and didn't think much of it again until he was leaving his local supermarket a few days later. He saw a sign advertising that they'd just sold another Lotto First Division winning ticket.

"I left the supermarket, went straight home and checked my ticket," he said.

"It looked like I had all the numbers on one line, but I had to go and put some different glasses on to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

"I don't know about all the other Virgos, but my horoscope definitely came true last week."

The winning couple are hoping to pay off the mortgage with their winnings, take time off work, and help family.

It was the second Lotto First Division win in the space of a couple of weeks for Ormiston Pak N Save. asaOn the last Wednesday of April, a ticket-holder won $1 million.

The Powerball jackpot rolled over last night and is $8 million for the Saturday draw.