A dramatic rescue was launched in East Auckland this morning when a seagull got itself stuck on a streetlamp.

Animal rescue called the fire service about the bird which had somehow managed to get its leg stuck on the lamp and couldn't free itself.

The station officer at St Heliers fire station said when they arrived at the scene on Epping St, Glen Innes, it was apparent they needed reinforcements so they called for an aerial appliance with a crane and basket and blocked off the street.

A fireman was lifted to the seagull and he wrapped the bird in a towel and lifted him off the lamp to joy of the crowd of parents and toddlers which had amassed below.


But unfortunately the seagull was badly injured.

"We got it down but it's leg was really badly broken and cut up so we took it to the vet, but they looked at it and put him down I'm afraid," the station officer said.