They are the crack team of economic and planning experts charged with sorting Auckland's future growth.

But a member of the Unitary Plan independent hearings panel has fallen foul of the city - after sneakily parking a jetski in a central city council carpark for almost a month.

The mystery jetski appeared three to four weeks ago, taking up a Queen St park reserved for the panel listening to submissions on the future of the city.

An Auckland Council spokeswoman confirmed it was owned by a member of the hearings panel - but declined to say whose it was.


"The panel member has accepted it was not appropriate for the jetski to be in the carpark and has apologised."

It was scheduled to be removed on Friday.

The panel is chaired by Judge David Kirkpatrick. Other members are planning, resource management and economic experts Janet Crawford, Paula Hunter, Peter Fuller, Greg Hill, Stuart Shepherd, Alan Watson, Les Simpson, and former local body politicians John Kirikiri and Des Morrison.

"As far as we're concerned, this matter has been dealt with, the member has apologised and we won't be answering any further questions," the spokeswoman said.

The council gave no reason for the jetski being parked in the central city.