The Wellington Free Ambulance is the latest emergency service to join in the running man craze sweeping emergency services across the world.

Answering a call to an "outbreak of running man", the paramedics are shown wheeling a patient out the back of an ambulance before all joining in the dance.

Wellington Free Ambulance #runningmanchallenge

We are the one and only paramedic service in Greater Wellington and Wairarapa. Donate today and help keep us running. Shout out to our NZ Police Recruitment and The New Zealand Fire Service, here’s our #runningmanchallenge Are you up for it friends: St John New Zealand, Life Flight, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Ambulance Victoria, Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), NSW Ambulance, SA Ambulance Service Music: My Boo by the Ghost Town DJs

Posted by Wellington Free Ambulance on Thursday, 5 May 2016

The video, posted on the service's Facebook page, asks people to "donate today and help keep us running".

They extended the challenge to their colleagues in the St John Ambulance service, Life Flight, and the London Ambulance Service, as well as Australian ambulance trusts in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.


A bomb protection suit, Segways, crocodiles and bicycles have all featured in various Aussie police force's takes on the 'running man' dance challenge which is sweeping emergency services across the world.

And the song that features in the video - 'My Boo' by Ghost Town DJs has hit number four on New Zealand's iTunes chart.

Just when you thought Scotland busting out bagpipes and breakdancing Brooklyn school kids was enough, the Aussies have taken it next level.

Today Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services released a video on their Facebook page which features two crocodiles and segways.

"The Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services thank everyone for their support since our unfortunate omission from the #runningmanchallenge," they wrote on Facebook.

"Challenge accepted (and smashed) and extended to Singapore Police Force New Orleans Police Department Polizei Berlin Police Nationale."

The video shows police dancing at Darwin aquarium Crocosaurus Cove Darwin in front of a tank containing a frighteningly large croc.

Two officers are swimming in the tank, inside a protective clear tube, while two others are performing on Segways with flashing lights.

A solo is performed by one officer, who shows off some impressive leg-wiggling before removing his belt.

One of the world's most famous police departments has accepted New Zealand Police's 'running man' challenge, posting a video on Facebook of themselves dancing with school kids.

Luckily the video ends before he removes any other items of clothing.

Yesterday the Australian police force released a brooding video featuring Moving Pictures song What About Me.

Their hurt was also palpable in a message accompanying the video: "Hey NZ Police Recruitment did you forget us when challenging every jurisdiction in Australia (and the world) to the #runningmanchallenge? #whataboutus #NTpolice."

New Zealand police responded today, apologising for leaving them out.

"Australia's Northern Territories broke our hearts," a statement read.

"We didn't mean it, NT. We love you really."

Source: Youtube / Police Scotland

The Kiwi cops first released a video on Tuesday of their self-described "twinkle-toed staff" issuing the running man challenge to police counterparts around the world.

They said the video had reached an astonishing 24 million people on Friday, and it has been viewed 7.9m times.

Australia's cops have hit back with their first Running Man video - and it features synchronised baton dancing.

"New York Police Department was the first to respond in kind. Scotland was probably the keenest, doing it twice."

They have released a list of other emergency services who have participated in the challenge. These include