Northern Territory police are feeling blue after being left out of the dance challenge from Kiwi cops.

Law enforcement officers and a litany of famous faces around the world have taken up the running man challenge laid down by New Zealand police.

Police shared a video on Facebook of a team of cops doing the 'running man' - yes, the late 80s dance move.

They put it out to law enforcement around the world to copy their show.

Among those challenged were the NYPD, Victoria Police, NSW Police Force, Western Australia Police, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, ACT Policing, Tasmania Police, LAPD Headquarters, and Isles of Scilly Police were challenged to make their own running man video.


Yesterday Olympic shotput champion Valerie Adams and the All Black Sevens got into the act.

Ms Adams took to Instagram with a video of her training captioned, "Morning Session complete with a fun warm down to finish #runningmanchallenge."

Shortly afterwards, the Scottish police shared a video of a unit performing a version of the dance.

A video uploaded online kicked off the challenge with a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe. It then shows a police unit entering the frame and beginning to dance.

Their responses came after the New York Police Department shared a video of officers competing in the challenge on Wednesday.

In the video, a group of NYPD cops share the dancefloor - a path alongside the Hudson River - with a group of kids from a Brooklyn school.

Source: Youtube / Police Scotland

Although the challenge was sent far and wide, some are feeling left out.

It turns out the Kiwi cops, who laid the gauntlet to almost every police jurisdiction in Australia, forgot to include Northern Territory.

Police there posted a brooding video featuring the Moving Pictures song What About Me.

Their hurt was also palpable in a message accompanying the video: "Hey NZ Police Recruitment did you forget us when challenging every jurisdiction in Australia (and the world) to the #runningmanchallenge? #whataboutus #NTpolice."

The star of the New Zealand police running man video, Sergeant Sonny Iosefo, said the whole concept showed "the new school how the old school does it".

Speaking to Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking, Mr Iosefo said he relished the opportunity to bust out the retro dance move.

"It shows that we're just as human as everyone else, and we do have our own personal lives outside of the uniform."

The video has gone viral and been viewed more than 7 million times.

The running man challenge went viral after a group of college basketball players from the University of Maryland in the United States last month began posting videos to Instagram of them performing the late 80s dance move.

The move was made famous in the 1980s by singer Janet Jackson who performed it in the video of her hit, Rhythm Nation. It was subsequently performed by MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Britney Spears.