A Wellington man who hacked his sleeping brother to death with an axe has been denied parole.

Fergus John Glen, 49, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering 33-year-old Craig in 2003, because he saw red when Craig didn't thank him for cooking dinner.

That was the final slight after a long-term feud between the pair.

Glen, single and unemployed, pleaded guilty to murdering Craig, married with three children, by striking him eight times across the face and neck with an axe.


He returned the axe to the basement and when meeting his mother on the stairs, calmly told her: "I've done him... [with] an axe."

He became eligible for release in 2013 and again saw the Parole Board last month, but at this hearing did not seek parole

Since his previous meeting with the board he had undertaken "extensive one-on-one psychological counselling", in which he was doing well.

"Good progress has been made by Mr Glen, but obviously more is required," says the Parole Board decision, released today.

"At the moment Mr Glen remains an undue risk to the safety of the community and parole must be declined. He should, if at all possible, progress carefully in the reintegration phase of his sentence, which would include considerable work being undertaken in formulating a sound release plan.

"But release is still some way off."

For now, Glen remains in a self-care unit, where prisoners learn to look after themselves in preparation for release.