Three months ago Logan Dodds was a plumber on the Hibiscus Coast. Today he's an internet star.

Mr Dodds, 25, became an overnight sensation when a video of his European "overseas experience" which he posted on his Facebook page and then on the GoPro website last September, Summer Daze, was shared by millions around the world.

"It was just sort of a bit to document my travels and show people back home what a good life I was having," he said.

"I'm not from a video background. It wasn't planned to be anything special. It just took off."


It was so successful that travel company Contiki and The Edge radio station asked him to make another video, Higher Place, in the United States - like the first one, shot mainly by himself with a GoPro camera.

He has just finished a third video Kiwi Daze, this time for Air New Zealand in New Zealand.

This time he teamed up again with a mate he met on his European trip, London-based builder Trent Nattrass, 27, from Houhora in the Far North.

"He was home visiting his family and the gig with Air NZ came about and I invited him on the trip with me," Mr Dodds said. "He's one of my best friends, we buzz off each other, it was a no-brainer."

Although he had seen much of the world, Mr Dodds had only ever spent one weekend in the South Island, on a quick trip to Queenstown. He said seeing the rest of the island, and parts of the North Island he had never been to, was "like travelling in a whole new country".

"New Zealand has it all," he said. "It has the views, it has the scenery, everything that Europe and America did put together. We are lacking a bit on the culture, but everything else is easily the best in the world."

He put up his "wishlist" of things he wanted to see and do, and Air New Zealand had its own wishlist.

"We basically did everything -- chopper rides, swimming with a dolphin, wine tours, anything New Zealand can do."

The dolphin was at Kaikoura, the chopper ride was at Franz Josef Glacier with a family-owned helicopter company.

"We ended up staying with them as well," he said.

"It was amazing, we were hanging out in the helicopter with the door open just cruising through the heart of New Zealand."

The first Air NZ videos have already made him famous.

"Yesterday I went out to Piha to watch the sunset and there were two girls that recognised me and said they only went out there because they saw it in my photos," he said.

"It's becoming a regular thing, people recognising me. It's all new to me."

He now has an agent, Tobias Grant, and isn't in a hurry to return to plumbing.

"Yeah, just watch this space, I guess," he said. "I've got a couple of things in the pipeline."