A local kiwi had a lucky escape this month after being caught in a trap in Tahora.

The landowners, who made the discovery, rang Bob and Karen Schumacher of the East Taranaki Environment Trust.

The next morning the young female, now named Albion, was collected and taken to Aaron Chambers at Energy Vets, Inglewood. Aaron treated, rehydrated and stabilised Albion so Bob and Karen could drive her to Massey University's Wildbase hospital where she is still currently in their care.

An x-ray revealed that Albion has a fracture by her ankle. Fortunately, it is not on the joint and her foot is not displaced. She has a splint on, which will be changed every three days under anaesthetic to keep the bone infection free. Albion should be healed in four to six weeks and will be returned to her natural environment.


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The East Taranaki Environment Trust thank the landowners, Energy Vets and Wildbase hospital who worked with them to ensure this precious bird has a chance to recover and be returned.