Cattle that escaped onto State Highway 1 near Puhoi after a stock truck collided with a car and flipped on its side have been cleared from the area.

The crash happened at the intersection of Mahurangi West Rd and SH1 near Puhoi around 4.40pm.

A police spokesman said the area had now been cleared and no cattle had been injured.

Earlier in the evening a fire service spokesman said the SPCA and a vet were on the way to the scene.


He said one animal was still trapped in the truck.

One driver sustained minor injuries while the other was uninjured.

The New Zealand Transport Association has warned motorists to expect possibly delays while vehicle and stock recovery was underway.

Senior sergeant Stefan McIntyre said there were a lot of people at the scene trying to help out.

"Apparently there are some cattle now out on the loose and just roaming around as they do," he said.

"They are probably down the bank trying to find some grass to eat. Of course there will be a few cattle still in the truck a little bit stressed from the incident."

He said the truck was not blocking traffic.

The crash comes shortly after a three car nose to tail crash on Main Rd between Access Rd and Matua Rd in Huapai.


No one involved was injured.

Mr McIntyre said traffic was starting to build up but said the road should be cleared within the hour.